FAQ Rockside Airways...

General Questions

Why fly Rockside Airways?
A: Rockside connects the two greatest continents. It strives to develop reliable flight schedules and meet customer comfort needs by providing the best personal service possible.

What is an e-Ticket?
A: An e-Ticket is the ticketless way to travel. It offers a straightforward, convenient, flexible and reliable way to reserve, schedule air travel and purchase flights all in one transaction. A passenger only needs to produce an itinerary as proof of purchase at the check-in counter.

What documents do I need when traveling with an e-Ticket?
A: Passport or some other form of identification, your e-ticket receipt or itinerary and boarding pass.

How do I make changes to a ticket that has already been issued?
A: Call your agent first and/ or the Rockside office to re-schedule another travel date. An additional charge of $250 is required.

Can I make a reservation on your website and purchase a ticket later?
A: No. all tickets must be purchased through an agent simultaneously with the reservation.

Can I purchase e-Tickets for travelers other than myself?
A: Yes. Tickets may be purchased for as many travelers as you wish.

Can the value of an unused ticket be credited towards purchase of another?
A: Call your agent first and/ or the Rockside office.

Does a ticketed traveler have to cancel a flight if the person cannot make it?
A: Yes. A person who is unable to travel on a given date MUST call to reschedule48 hours prior to a scheduled flight. A no-show penalty of $250 will be assessed where a person fails to call.

FAQ Baggage

How many pieces of baggage can a traveler check-in?
A: A person traveling with Rockside Airways is permitted to check-in two pieces of baggage.

What is the maximum weight of baggage allowed per person?
A: Each traveler is permitted a maximum of 50lbs or 22kgs without extra charges.

What is the charge for baggage in excess of 50lbs or 22kgs?
A: Each piece in excess of 50lbs or 22kgs will be subject to a $250 surcharge.

How many pieces is a person permitted to carry-on?
A: A person is permitted to carry on 1 piece of baggage that meets FAA requirements, namely, a total of 45 linear inches, length 22 inches, width 14 inches and height 9 inches. Carry-on pieces MUST fit in the overhead baggage compartment. A person is also permitted to take one personal item such as a Camera, Personal CD or MP3 player.
*Please note that gate or flight personnel may need to further limit FAA permitted carry-on baggage.

Are there any exceptions to the Carry-On allowance rule?
A: No. There are no exceptions to the Carry-On rule.

What can a traveler do to ensure the persons baggage arrives with them?
A: Identifying tags should be placed on all baggage including carry-on. Tags with Rockside logo are provided at check-in counters. Please remember to carry medicine, money, valuable documents, keys, jewelry, cameras and other small fragile items in your carry-on baggage. PURCHASE TSA APPROVED LOCKS FOR YOUR BAGS.

Where can strollers, car-seats, umbrellas and canes be stowed?
A: Federal regulations require that Strollers, car-seats,, umbrellas and/ or canes be stowed prior to take-off and/ or landing. These items may be stowed in the overhead baggage compartments or under the seat, provided that they do not protrude into the aisle.

Does Rockside liability cover personal items of value packed into a persons suitcase?
A: Rockside does not assume liability for unchecked articles. It however, assumes liability for checked items if they are lost while in Rockside's custody. In the event a piece of luggage is lost while in our custody, Rockside shall reimburse a maximum of $400 per lost piece. Lost baggage claims should be submitted prior to leaving the baggage claim area of the local Airport. A form has to be filled by the claimant. Any claims submitted pursuant to leaving the baggage claim area will not be entertained.

FAQ Flight Delays and Cancellations

How will a traveler learn of delays while at the Airport?
A: Travelers will receive consistent updates via text and/or e-mail messages on their mobile phones regarding the status of flights, cause of delay including cancellations, if any. Updated information is also posted on strategically placed display screens.

In case of cancellation will Rockside rebook passengers on another flight?
A: Yes. Rockside will notify travelers of any known delay prior to boarding. In cases of significant delay, travelers may opt to cancel travel plans and Rockside will rebook such person(s) without penalty.

Where can travelers get more information regarding flight delays and/ or cancellations?
A: Real-time flight information can be accessed by calling Rockside Airlines, your Agent or by checking Travel Update Flight Information.

What does Rockside Airways provide for customers who are delayed due to cancellation within Rockside's control?
A: Customers, who are inconvenienced due to a delay or cancellation within Rockside's control, will be provided with meals and hotel accommodation at Rockside contracted facilities, based on availability.

What is a Rockside contracted facility?
A: A Rockside contracted facility is one which has a contract with us and accepts vouchers issued at a pre-determined rate. It also meets Rockside high quality standards.

What if no contracted facilities are available?
A: Where Rockside fails to secure accommodation at a contracted facility, at the Rockside contracted rate, an inconvenienced traveler will receive a Transportation Credit Voucher equal in value to the Rockside contracted hotel rate for that city, that may be used toward future travel with Rockside.

What happens when an inconvenienced traveler finds their own hotel at a non-contracted facility?
A: A Transportation Travel Voucher equal in value to the Rockside contracted rate will be provided to the traveler upon supply of proof of paying for accommodation at a non-contracted RSA Facility and stating the reason for it.

What happens when a traveler finds a Rockside contracted facility at a higher than contracted rate?
A: (a) A hotel voucher can be issued for the contracted rate and the traveler will be responsible for the difference, or (b) a Transportation Credit Voucher equal to the contracted rate can be issued.

What is the maximum number of vouchers Rockside will issue to persons traveling in a party?
A: Families are generally issued one hotel room, hence only one voucher will be issued for each room used. In the event there are no accommodations at a Rockside contracted facility, each ticketed passenger will receive a Transport Credit Voucher.

FAQ Special Assistance

How and when do I make arrangements for special assistance?
A: Persons who need special assistance should inform their booking agent of any special needs at the time of booking a flight.

What if a person has mobility needs?
A: Rockside customer service and airport personnel are available to assist customers with special needs either boarding or deplaning.

Is it necessary to advice Rockside that a traveler will need a wheelchair?
A: No. Wheel chair services can be requested during check-in.

What is the difference between a wheelchair and an electric cart service?
A: Electric cart service is available only at select Airports and do not provide services to all parts of the Airport. Wheelchair services can be pre-arranged and will provide service to any part of the Airport.

What if a person is traveling with their own wheelchair?
A: Rockside may transport most types of wheelchairs, including folding and electric powered carts: provided that Rockside is notified of such need at the time of purchasing an e-Ticket. All mobility equipment may be checked-in at the check-in counter or at the gate, and will be returned at the gate or baggage claim area as preferred, upon landing.

Are disabled passengers specially seated?
A: Yes. Disabled passengers are seated in the ticketed class for which they are qualified in compliance with FAA safety regulations.

What if a traveler has a service animal or an assisting device?
A: Rockside Airlines welcomes passengers with mobility, sight or hearing disabilities. However, some countries have quarantine laws in place which restrict entry of service animals and Rockside will abide by the laws in force.
Assistive devices or life-support (non-oxygen generating) may be brought on board a Rockside aircraft provided that the passenger possesses a doctors certificate disclosing the disease and the device is a requirement. Such devices have to fit into a storage location approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. An extra seat may be required to accommodate assistive equipment and Rockside has to be notified in advance.

What if a passenger needs to take medication at a certain time?
A: Passengers should bring medication on board in carry-on baggage. Medicine should never be packed in checked-in baggage. Rockside aircrafts do not have refrigerators for storage, please plan accordingly. Rockside personnel will NOT be responsible for administering medication, they will however provide water to enable oral intake by passenger where needed. Passengers who require use of needles to inject medication should posses a doctor's statement in case security officers/ Air Marshals raise any questions.

Does Rockside cater to special dietary requirements?
A: Rockside offers meals with special dietary requirements. Advance notice is required and meal options should be requested when purchasing your ticket. Examples of special meals offered include: vegetarian, kosher and low-sodium meals.

FAQ Minors

Can minors travel alone?
A: Yes. Rockside offers an Unaccompanied Minor Service for children between the age of 8-14. The service is optional for children between the ages of 15-17.

Does Rockside charge a fee for a child traveling unaccompanied?
A: Yes. Check with your agent for up-to-date fares.

How does a person make arrangements?
A: When purchasing a ticket for your child, inform the agent that the child will be traveling unaccompanied and will need Rockside's assistance. The travel agent will inform traveler of the policies and procedures and detail travel requirements.

What happens if the child's flight is delayed or cancelled?
A: In the event the child's flight is delayed or cancelled both parties listed as contacts will be informed, this includes the adult person designated to meet the child at the point of destination and the adult in the originating city.

How is the safety of an unaccompanied child ensured?
A: Children traveling unaccompanied are assigned to a flight attendant; they are pre-boarded, and given special attention through-out the flight. Entertainment packets are given to them to counter boredom. Upon arrival unaccompanied minor(s) are escorted through customs until they are conveyed to the listed party.

Who is responsible for an unaccompanied minor's travel documents i.e. passport, ticket etc.?
A: An unaccompanied minor's travel documents are enclosed in a pouch which is hung on the child's neck, if the child is old enough. For younger minors the documents are kept in the custody of a designated attendant.